Črt Vučko

Edina svoboda, je zapovedana svoboda.

Edina svoboda, je zapovedana svoboda.


So who am I? With some self-irony, we would quickly say, "the art and design spirit", which by feeling observing and changing philosophies into a visual image, forms what design is. A mixture of acquired knowledge, discernment and criticality that shapes the quality of art and design. 


Master of Arts - MA
Visual communications
Faculty of Design

Razstave in projekti

Exhibition: Public/private Collaborative Virtual Exhibition
Jun 2020

"As artists, we make work for audiences, the public. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit we artists who usually work in specialized studio spaces typically with other artists were isolated in our homes. The creativity of artists cant be stopped so our private spaces our kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms became the place we made work that we now share with you, our public." - Curator: Keaton Wynn


Exhibition: "Tutti Frutti" by AAMI Institute
Jul 2020

Nagrade, rezidence in štipednije

Rozmans prize
Jan 2019